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Need other kinds of help?

Need an honest reviewer?

Need a negotiator, a strategist, or an opportunity assessor?

How about a book boss or volume lead, a (co-)writer or editor, or graphics conceptualizer?

Our principal, David Chambers, does all that. He speaks Arabic and Farsi (Persian), retains German (and Latin!), and is working on French and Spanish. So, whether people are speaking in legal-ese, corporate-ese, technical jargon, or English from non-natives, he can translate and negotiate in a common tongue – most importantly, that move to close on wins with your clients.

Or do you need a numbers expert: Pricer, Price-To-Win, Integrated Master Plan/Integrated Master Schedule (IMP/IMS), or Earned Value Management (EVM) expert?

Or a graphic designer or desk top publisher?

If you need someone who will do honestly what it takes to secure a clean win, contact us today.

When it comes to winning, outsource outside your core skill area: let Carpamus help you seize the win!

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